Qualitykicks are happy to announce to our customers that we offer pre-order sneakers in a large selection of models and sizes. With our wide reach in the sneaker market around Europe, we localize the sneakers you ordered and ship them to our office, and do a review of the shoes so they are authentic.
This process takes 7-20 business days from the order is made.
The pre order process
  1. You visit our website and make an order of the sneakers.
  2. Our team gets the list of sneakers and sizes, and starts to look around with our many suppliers.
  3. When we have found the shoe we are looking for, we buy and send them to our office located in Sweden.
  4. When arrived we do a careful examination of the shoes so everything is 100% authentic and correct.
  5. They get shipped out to your closest DHL pickup point, ready for the customer to pick up within 4-7 business days, (1-4 within Sweden). The customer also get a email with tracking number when its shipped from us.

The order time can vary greatly depending on the model and size of the sneaker. Our aim is to have fulfilled an order within 20 business days after an order from a customer. Most of the time quicker than that, and sometimes a bit longer.

We are working as fast as we can, but if you think it takes too much time you can always contact us at and cancel your active order. Have your order number and reason for the cancellation in the email. You can also send an email to check the status of your order. If you cancel a pre-order we already have found, and it's on the way to our office. We will take a 20€ administration fee off the refund.


Qualitykicks is a website started in the late 2021, who focus on limited sneakers at a good price. With good experience in the sneaker game and many pairs sold, we made the decision to open a site. Too make it easier for the customer to reach us.

Our Mission

We are located in Sweden, but our goal is to reach customers all around Europe. With a good customer reputation. To be our customers number one spot to find and buy new sneakers to their collection. With 100% trust, that it's all authentic and safe.

Artwork by Selma Augustdotter